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ASP Exam – Workplace Violence

 In today’s workplace, steps should be taken to minimize the potential for workplace violence, which may be presented by both internal (worker conflict, disgruntled workers) and external (assaults on workers, robberies, terrorism, disgruntled spouses or family members) sources. Management can take several approaches towards controlling the potential for workplace violence, although each of these methods require significant evaluation of the workplace to determine the most appropriate method. Some of these controls are:

  • Ensuring access to a facility is limited only to authorized personnel through the use of key cards, keys, numerical access codes, etc., and only at designated points that can be monitored by personnel either at a security desk or remotely through cameras. Security procedures should be in place that require visitors to secure access to the facility and require a valid business reason and point of contact within the facility to gain access.
  • The workplace can be designed in such a way that traffic patterns flow in a predictable manner and are monitored by security personnel in-person or by cameras. Deviations from normal traffic flows can be assessed for a threat.
  • Closed circuit camera networks now provide an easy way to monitor personnel in public areas of a facility and can provide valuable forensic evidence if an incident does occur.
  • Facility fencing and walls around the outer edge of a facility can exclude non-authorized personnel from entering a property.
  • Security personnel can work to assess potential external threats to the facility and convey information to the security team, managers, or other concerned individuals about such threats and how to respond, either ad-hoc or through the development of a security plan.
  • Employers can conduct background checks, including social media checks, on potential employees. Background check software can also be used to research potential threats to the facility.
  • Local authorities should be engaged as early as possible in response to a threat.