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Free Study Guides & Resources to Prepare for the ASP & CSP Exams

Both the Associate Safety Professional and Certified Safety Professional exams cover a comprehensive material base that encompasses many subjects within the realm of Health, Environment, and Safety. Below you will find excerpts from our study guides, a math review for the safety fundamentals exam, free printable flashcards, and a few free videos to assist in your exam preparation and introduce you to our material.

ASP Safety Fundamentals Exam

Free Study Guides & Resources

Below you’ll find abbreviated portions of our study guide, The Complete Guide to the ASP Exam. These excerpts contain approximately 50% of the study guides content, but serve as an excellent beginning resource for your studies.

The Table of Contents below, as well as our study guides and online training packages, are based directly off the BCSP’s Blueprint for the ASP Exam.

ASP Exam – Math – 18% of Exam

Chemical Equations: Corrosives, Flammables, and Toxic Materials

Electrical Calculations: Power, Energy, Arc Flash, and Circuits

Radiation Calculations: Decay, Half-life, and Source Strength

Structural and Mechanical Calculations: Loading, Rigging, and Storage Capacity

Engineering Control Calculations: Ventilation, Fire Suppression, Noise, Climate, and Fall Protection

Physics Calculations: Movement, Friction, Gas Laws

Financial Calculations: Life Cycle Cost, Cost Benefit Analysis, ROI

Statistics Calculations: Probability, Correlational Statistics, Poisson, Variability

Performance Metrics: Leading and Lagging Indicators, Incident Rates

ASP Exam – Safety Management Systems – 23% of Exam

Introduction to Safety Management Systems

Risk Management and Hazard Control: Risk ID and Analysis, Control Methods, Risk Monitoring, Incident Management

Risk Management: Risk Transfer, Insurance, and Product Liability

Management Processes: Incident Response, Disaster Planning, Incident Investigation, Inspections, Auditing

Project Management: Cost, Scheduling, Assignments and Organizations

Systems Safety: Process Safety Management, Risks Analysis Methods

Fleet Safety: Drivers Behaviors, Inspections, Collision Investigation

Safety Programs

Haz Com and GHS                            Excavation                             Lock Out / Tag Out & Control of Hazardous Energy

Workplace Violence                          Confined Spaces                   Fall Protection

Security                                               Wellness & Substance Abuse

ASP Exam – Ergonomics – 13% of Exam

Human Factors

Measurement & Monitoring

Ergonomic Controls

ASP Exam – Fire Prevention & Controls – 11% of Exam

Fire & Explosion Hazards

Fire Controls

Fire & Emergency Management

ASP Exam – Occupational Health – 11% of Exam

Biological Hazards & Controls

Chemical Hazards & Controls

Physical Hazards & Controls

ASP Exam – Environmental Management – 15% of Exam

Environmental Hazards

Engineering Controls

Administrative Controls & Practices

Hazardous Waste Storage & Disposal

ASP Exam – Training, Education, & Communication – 9% of Exam

Training & Education Methods

Communication & Group Dynamics